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Fundraising ideas -
Fundraising ideas -


Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Girl raising hand  - Fundraising - tiastarr.comSchool fundraising is a brilliant way to raise the much needed funds to purchase things such as new sports equipment or maybe to refurbish an area of the school. However, coming up with the perfect school fundraiser can be a real headache; maybe you don’t have the resources or the time to put together a great fundraising event at your school or perhaps you are struggling to gain support from the PTA.

If you are in this situation then fear not! Raising money for your school doesn’t have to be difficult! So long as it’s fun and interesting you’re bound to get a great response. Below is a list of great fundraising ideas for you school. They are all easy to plan and execute and will not only help raise more money but are engaging too.

Non-School Uniform Day – This is an easy and effective way of raising lots of money. Encourage pupils to come into school wearing their own clothes in return for a donation. This is a popular school fundraising idea as it’s easy to plan and requires no overheads. You could also run a number of other fundraising events on the day to raise even more cash for your school!

Cake Sale – Another classic school fundraiser! Simply bake some cakes and sell them at your school. You could even encourage parents and pupils to either donate their own cakes or the ingredients – this will lower upfront overheads. You could either have set prices for the cakes or ask for donations. Remember to advertise the cake sale ahead of time so teachers and pupils come prepared with lots of change!

Sponsored Sports Day – Encourage pupils to gain sponsorship from friends and family to take part in an all-day sponsored sports day. This will require a fair bit of planning, you also need to ensure that the pupils are given sponsorship forms weeks before the event to ensure they have enough time to raise the money. You could also offer incentives in the shape of prizes for those who collect the most sponsorship – this will motivate your pupils to really push for sponsorship.

Battle of the Bands – Get musical with this great school fundraising idea. Persuade everyone who thinks they have got talent to take part in a Battle of the Bands’ competition at your school. You can encourage participation by offering a prize to the best band. You can raise funds by charging people an entry fee. This is a great way to raise money and bring the entire school together.


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