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Africa volunteering, charity, people and ecology Africa volunteering, charity, people and ecology

Starr Ministries

Dad holding newborn child -


The impact of a baby on a new parent can be astonishing. Suddenly, everything about your life changes. You no longer have the time...

Kids Eat Healthy -


When it comes to food children can be extremely headstrong. They have the tendency to judge foods harshly, it’s too squishy or the wrong...


Cancer Positive Network

The Cancer Positive Network is an international support community dedicated to providing support, education, resources and hope to cancer patients, family and friends. The Cancer Positive Network...

single mom gets assistance -


It’s challenging being a single mother. You’ve to look after a handful of details, for instance, paying for the rent, education and simple necessities...

Success Strategies - Success Strategies -


It is well documented that many people fail to achieve their goals in life due to the phenomenon known as “fear of failure” but...

Past Shows

2011 is rolling in. Do you need a change?  Join Tia Starr and Guest Host Mikey “V” as they discuss New Years Resolutions 2011,  on the...

Helping hand Helping hand

Past Shows

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you received help from a complete stranger? Have you ever assisted someone you never...

Ask TIA! Online Advice Column

I feel very self conscious about  the gifts I give because I know I’m under a heavy microscope when giving gifts during the holidays. My...

Fundraising ideas - Fundraising ideas -


School fundraising is a brilliant way to raise the much needed funds to purchase things such as new sports equipment or maybe to refurbish...

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